Online Consultations

Here you can find all current and completed consultations or polls. Thank you for your participation in the first and second phase of the online consultation on the SSCT credibility criteria for the evaluation of sustainability standards!

What makes a sustainability standard credible? We invite you to comment and evaluate our second draft of the revised SSCT credibility criteria.
Thank you for your feedback on the first draft of the revised SSCT credibility criteria. In total, we received 420 evaluations in form of 'likes' and 187 comments. A summary of how feedback from the first round of consultation was considered in the second draft can be found  here.
From 29 March to 25 April 2021, we asked you to comment the second draft of the revised SSCT Credibility Criteria in the four subject sections:
- standard setting,
- system management,
- assurance and
- product labeling and traceability.
As we collaborate closely with our international partners in this consultation process, the criteria drafts are in English. Comments on the second draft from 29 March onwards were possible either in English or German.
In order to participate, please register here.
Thank you for your feedback!